Leo Jaymz
  • Leo Jaymz Full Size Single Cut Electric Guitar - with Amazing US Flag Sticker on Arched Top - Grover Machine Heads

Leo Jaymz Full Size Single Cut Electric Guitar - with Amazing US Flag Sticker on Arched Top - Grover Machine Heads

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  • Brand: Leo Jaymz
  • Construction: Set-in Neck
  • Scale: 24.72” (648mm)
  • Body: Mahogany body with curved top
  • Neck: Maple neck on D shape
  • Inlay: Rectangle pearl inlay on fingerboard
  • Fretboard: Rosewood fingerboard
  • Strings: Nickel wound color ball end in .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046
  • Binding: 5 Layers ABS binding on Surface and back of body and
  • headstock: 1 layer white ABS binding on both side of the neck
  • Tuner: Grover Machine Heads in chrome
  • Finish: US Flag sunburst finish
  • Selection: 3 Way switch
  • Control: 2 Volume and 2 tone

Recent Reviews ( 3 )
I bought this guitar on a whim to play for a July 4th gig, knowing that I would probably play this a couple times a year. Packaging was unbelievable as they must have taken the previous comments about it to heart! Triple box and and foam wrapped. One of the humbucker rings was cracked but a real easy fix with one that was a bit more substantial. I replaced the strings and removed the pickups to get to the plastic cover that wrapped them. After that and a quick set up of the bridge and neck, I’ll be playing this a lot more than twice a year! Sounds great and plays really well looks amazing for a sticker. Really looks great and I get lots of comments on it. I recommend that if you buy this guitar to take to shop and pay for the setup fee. You won’t regret it! The better it plays the more you will play it!

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It looks really good in person. The fret work was shockingly good at this price point. Very level, rounded off decent, no sprout (but the binding prevents that) Decent action, no real buzz. Decent tuners. They say Grover tuners, but I think these are either copies, or just Grover's lower end. Feels good. Pickups are pretty much what you would expect out of this price range, not very dynamic, but remember, this guitar costs less than a set of decent pickups, so you can't really complain. Overall good deal. If youre willing to drop maybe 250 into this on some really nice pickups and locking tuners, I can see this being gig worthy. The finish would have cool stage presence

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If you don't expect a 1000.00 guitar when you buy this one you won't be disappointed. I own many guitars ranging in price from 200.00 to 1000.00. This guitar plays great for a 220.00 guitar. I love the Grover tuners. All guitars should come with them. It came 3 days earlier than estimated and packaged really great. It plays and sounds good for what I would consider a higher end entry level guitar. Hot rod it with some EMG pickups and an adjustment on the action it will sound and play like a million bucks.My one and only complaint is the frets are not smooth and they feel rough when bending the strings. Nothing a quick polish won't fix. Again, It's not a high end guitar so I don't expect it to be perfect. The fretboard could use some lemon oil conditioning as feels a bit dry. That's probably more preference than actual issue with the fretboard itself.I LOVE the American flag over the black background. It's what drew my attention when looking for another guitar to add to my collection.It's in the style of a Les Paul and it has some weight to it like the Les Paul does. It's nice and balanced so it falls right into place when playing standing up. I have a couple guitars that don't hang quite right and I'm always adjusting on the fly while standing up. This guitar hangs naturally in a good position.I would recommend beginner and advanced player alike give this little gem a try. It's priced reasonably and plays nice for the price. I think this guitar will make a really good studio guitar once I get it sounding just right.

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